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We work in the travel industry. Most of us work for major airlines and come into contact daily with fellow travel junkies. We are ceaselessly in search of exceptional experiences and unusual places to stay and to explore (and of course delicious food!)

Most of us have chosen this profession because of our passion for travel. We delight in sharing what we have learned and experienced through personal interaction and our own social media networks as well as our many professional social media networks.

Our connections give us a unique advantage in spreading the word about your business.

Many travelers research online communities before booking, sometimes well in advance. They want to know what to spend their hard-earned money on when they arrive in your country and what options will give them an unforgettable travel experience. Savvy business owners like yourself can gain a significant advantage by boosting their online presence, leading to increased reservations and revenue.

Our sponsorship program puts your business directly in front of thousands of travelers who are looking for things to do while visiting your town or city.

Levels of Participation


Here’s an excellent choice!

Get exposure to all the Travel Junkies out there with our highest level of participation and placement!

When you select this option, you will be in all our Travel Guides with rotating targeted placement:

  • Run a Photo/Selfie or Video Contest for your business
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  • Be featured in our Newsletter for 3 months

Cost is just $700.


If you aren’t quite ready to become a full sponsor yet, consider contest sponsorship.

Contests are a fun, interactive way to engage with your audience. Contestants are excited about the trips they have taken and are enthusiastic about sharing what they have experienced by entering your contest!

One of the criteria for winning is social media engagement, which means that to win, contestants must get votes by sharing their entry via Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms.

You will receive continued exposure during the contest because the contestants will keep returning to view the results.

Once you become a contest sponsor, it will always remain with that contest so even visitors that view past contest entries and results will still see your placement.

To sponsor a contest, you will need to provide something of value for the prize. Prizes can be in the form of :

  • Accommodations
  • Meals
  • Travel Adventures or Activity
  • Cash
  • OR Anything else you wish to promote that fits within our contest guidelines.

Cost is just $500 Per Contest!


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